1. I so much enjoyed this. I appreciate how much better I remember things when I narrate and also notice how much it enhances my daughters’ education.

    My understanding is that you guys think memorization is not very effective. Do you assign Bible memorization in your homeschool, and if not, what do you recommend instead?

    1. We have always done Bible memorization. I can’t speak for Mystie, but we do Charlotte Mason style memorization. This means that we choose a passage within the large section of Scripture we are reading for Bible (which will also be narrated) during the term. For younger children, this is usually 6 verses; more for older. We usually memorize by just reading the passage aloud each day, though sometimes a child gets motivated and works on it on their own time.

      We don’t usually do the list type of memorization that seems to be popular because I believe facts should always be presented in the context of living ideas. So that doesn’t mean no memorization, but rather it means long form so that there is context. So speeches or lines from Shakespeare or whole poems, etc. Math facts after they understand the function. I think that’s all I can think of. 🙂

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