5×5 Challenge Reading Journal

The 4-page-per-book layout will guide you through thinking deeply about it with our unique “tasting notes” rating system and sections to include summaries, quotes, and your own applications.


Teach Writing Classically: The Progymnasmata Made Simple

taught by Renee Shepard
12 lessons + examples & feedback!


plus Sophies get an extra $10 off

Dead White Guys: Classical Education Meets Critical Theory

taught by Monique Duson & Krista Bontrager from The Center for Biblical Unity
2 sessions + 2 Q&A

“Woke Fruits: Examining Manifestations of Critical Theory in Our Current Culture” & “Is the Classical Education Model Based on Whiteness?”


included in the Sophie plan

Homeschool Essentials: Habit
2022 Retreat Replays

Mystie Winckler, Brandy Vencel, & Abby Wahl
4 sessions