1. Yet another wonderful podcast.

    Is there any chance you ladies could speak just a little slower so we can catch everything you say?

  2. Love your idea of finding unity in the principles in order to find community and commonality. I’ve seen some folks get so hung up on the practices that they alienate and reject anyone who may be implementing their practices differently, even though they are both guided by the same principle. Thank you for sharing these thoughts today.

  3. I only recently figured out how podcasts work and how handy it can be to listen to these (and other) discussions about Charlotte Mason method while I’m washing dishes, etc. I love reading, but this informal discussion format is easier to absorb and follow than, say, a chapter from Home Education. But I have a suggestion . . . Would it be possible to somehow index the podcasts? It took three tries for me to get through this episode . . . not because I wasn’t engaged, but because moms so rarely have a block of uninterrupted time more than 10-15 minutes long, right? Each time I re-started, I had to guess where to drag the bar to so I didn’t miss anything but didn’t spend my few spare moments listening to what I’d already heard. I am pretty hopeless when it comes to tech stuff, and I am sure that I wouldn’t have the patience to do what I’m asking. But maybe you all have a tech-savvy friend for whom such a task would be “cake”? There are already natural divisions between RDA, main topic, and nitty-gritty. Marking each question and subsequent mini-discussion would be really terrific. Or maybe there are just tricks to listening to podcasts that I haven’t figured out yet?

    1. Hi Rondalyn! Perhaps it would be easier for you to listen using a podcast player? I’m not sure what type of device you are using to listen, but podcast players are FANTASTIC for exactly this reason — they remember where you left off and you don’t have to find your place. 🙂

  4. Love this podcast. It’s a living and breathing relationship – not a set of dead-bones rules.

  5. Thank you for sharing this. I’m diving deeper into understanding more of the principles and this podcast was really helpful. I enjoy how CM can meet each family.

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