How to Leave an iTunes Review

Here’s how to use your computer to leave us a review:

  1. Launch iTunes and go into the iTunes store and search for Scholé Sisters. Click on it. You should end up with a screen that looks something like this:

    iTunes Screenshot 1a

  2. Click “Ratings and Reviews” (see red arrow in our image below) and now your screen will look something like this:

    Screenshot 2

  3. Click “Write a Review” (see our red arrow below) and your screen will look like this:

    Screenshot 3

  4. Write a review! Here are some pointers:

    Screenshot 4

Here’s how to use your device to leave us a review:

  1. Open iTunes and click search.

    iPod image 1

  2. Search for Schole Sisters (that’s right — no accent over the e required for this search).

    iPod image 2

  3. Click on the Scholé Sisters podcast image.

    iPod image 3

  4. Click “reviews.”

    iPod image 4

  5. Scroll down and click “Write a Review.”

    iPod image 5

  6. Fill out this form and submit.

    iPod image 6