SS #19: The Intersection of Effortlessness and Hard Work (with Dr. Christopher Perrin!)

Our guest on today’s show is none other than Dr. Christopher Perrin from Classical Academic Press! Dr. Perrin is an author, consultant and speaker, who specializes in classical education. He is committed to the national renewal of the liberal arts tradition. Dr. Perrin serves as a consultant to charter, public, private, and Christian schools across the country and he has published numerous articles and lectures that are widely used throughout the United States and the English-speaking world.

In today’s episode, Mystie and Brandy ask Dr. Perrin to help us balance a tension that we all feel in our homeschools. If we expect scholé to be restful — even effortless — how do we develop virtues like diligence and perseverance? If you want to go deep with the concept of scholé, this conversation is for you!

There seems to be a tension between the restful scholé we need and the virtues of perseverance and diligence we want. How do we balance the two?


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