SS #73: A Scholé for All Seasons

Today’s episode is extra long! Our topic is scholé and how it changes with the seasons of motherhood. Brandy, Pam, Mystie, and Abby talked about having all preschoolers, starting to homeschool, the teen years, and then guessed what the particular challenges might be in launching children. It was a long episode because it’s a big topic!

Join us in the Sistership!

Many fun things are going on in the Sistership these days. Abby is prepping a follow-up contemplation session for Spring Training. If you wish Spring Training wasn’t over, you’ll be thrilled with what she has in the works.

Also, all the Sophies are getting a bookbag this summer! They are very cute and we are super excited about them. Click here to get in on all this and more!

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Scholé is the opposite of stress.

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