SS #07: Virtual Scholé Sisters Groups and Technology Tools (with Amber Vanderpol)

In today’s episode, Brandy discusses virtual Scholé Sisters groups and technology tools with Amber Vanderpol. What happens when you live in an isolated place? Are you doomed to loneliness? Or are virtual groups a possibility? And, if so, how are they best organized? What technology exists to support them? And how hard is it to learn to use these unfamiliar tools? We talk about all this and more on today’s episode.

If you're isolated, virtual Scholé Sisters groups might be just the ticket to helping you find a co-learning community full of friendship and inspiration!

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Amber Vanderpol is a mother to five children, ages 14, 10, 7, 4 and 2. She has homeschooled from the beginning, but began following Charlotte Mason’s philosophy of education about five years ago. Amber particularly enjoys her morning walk, reading great books, backpacking, and being outdoors. Amber and her family live on 10 acres in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas in a home she and her husband largely built by themselves. She blogs about her homeschool and Mother Culture at Flare of Light. She’s also one of the women behind Charlotte Mason West, an organization dedicated to encouraging community and connections among Charlotte Mason educators west of the Rockies, particularly through conferences and retreats.

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