SS #69: Socratic Trialogue (with Renee Shepard!)

Our special guest today is Renee Shepard. Renee has been married for 14 years. She and her husband, who were both homeschooled, are now homeschooling their six children. She is currently finishing her graduate degree in Classical Christian Studies at New Saint Andrews College, where her favorite things to study are theology, Latin, and literature.

This episode is a follow up to an episode we did last year called Someone Stole My Socrates. Brandy, Mystie, and Renee discuss a work by Plato called Gorgias. (Brandy likes to call it Gorgeous.) Whatever you call it, it’s a Socratic dialogue. We decided that if we want to know what Socratic discussion is all about, we should go straight to the source. It’s great fun!

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