1. Great start to the season, ladies!

    Brandi-daydreaming about ending up in the hospital is (I think) common to all homeschool moms. At least it is for me! It would be a break from responsibility…but y’all are right…the interruptions would ruin the effect 🙂

    I wanted to add some “fluff” to the how-you-learn discussion. While learning may be an introverted process, the N or S determines how you prefer to receive (take in…learn) information. For Mystie, her N is introverted, so they coincide. But my “learning” cognitive function is extroverted, while my “decision making” cognitive function is introverted. So, it’s kind of a blend for some people. I thought this website rang true for me (and it actually incorporated the aspects of both my Ne and Fi). http://www.humanmetrics.com/personality/learning-styles

    Another point to make about feelers. While most Fs are somewhat touchy-feely or artsy, you can use Fi to attach meaning to other things. You hit the nail on the head talking about a child who uses Fi needing to have ownership or feel a connection! But for me, I actually value logic (I’m very close to T on the F-T continuum), so I actually appreciate systems and logic…I just prefer to implement them subjectively 🙂

    Truly enjoyed this discussion!

  2. Yes, it gets a little trickier to talk about when the perceiving preference is extroverted. But is learning only taking in information? CM would say it’s the science of relations, of connecting things in your mind; learning being an activity of one’s one mind, too, aligns more with what introversion describes than what perception describes. In the section on learning & personality in Isabel Myers-Briggs book, she talks about learning as a function of introverting.

    I think what we think of as school or as education starts coming out when we think about even personalities and learning. If school is just taking in information, it’s about our S/N entirely. But if it’s about the mind working on information, then it’s Si/Ni/Ti/Fi – those are the different ways different minds work on information internally, making it their own possession.

  3. Ooh, fun to listen to, although I’ll need to listen another time when I’m not working out and can have a pen in hand! 🙂 YOur discussion on understanding and interacting with your kids better because of knowing their types is encouraging and motivating to me. I’ve never tried to type them… do you take the test on behalf of your kids?
    Curious if either of you have read Child Whisperer and your thoughts on that. I found it very interesting and remember seeing my daughter in a whole new way. It’s been a few years, so I’d need to look at it again. I seem to remember it being typing on energy levels, though that must have been just what stood out to me because I’m not seeing that in the book summary.

    You guys always have great reflections and good laughs:)

  4. Hi Mystie/Brandy…. somehow my last comment auto-populated with my last name. I’m not seeing how to edit. Can you remove my last name? Can i?

  5. I wrote about how I typed my children here. I think it was Mystie who introduced me to the book I used.

    I haven’t read The Child Whisperer but for a while I listened to her podcast and I did spend time trying to relate what she was saying to MBTI! In the end, I needed to know more about MBTI to make the connections, but I think the effect is somewhat similar — coming to a better understanding and place of acceptance of children who were maybe frustrating us before…

  6. Finally got to listen through. my son is looking like a ES_P. i think he’s an F, but he is only 5. you said for Se, environment is important. you talked about “if it’s a girl”, but what if it’s a boy? somehow, i don’t think lighting a candle will do it (he will want to blow it out, since that is what candles are for). Any other ideas? Thanks!

  7. Environment is important for all Se – I meant it had to be “pretty” for a girl. Any Se will put importance on being “set up” just so. Having a drink at hand might help, having a favorite pen or pencil, that sort of thing.

  8. I got the book nature by nurture from the library. Very good! Might just buy a copy. Of course after reading that, I’m thinking 5 yr old is either ENTP or ESTP. I guess time will tell. Thanks for the ideas. This is fun stuff, even if INTJ hubby thinks it’s all hooey. ?

  9. Watch out! I’m an ISFJ and I am feeling all the things!!!

    My eldest child is very hard for me to understand and that is only getting harder as he gets older. In my daily prayers for him, I’ve been asking to please get some guidance so I can understand him better and ultimately be better equipped to help him.

    So I figured out his type today – he’s an INTP if there ever was one. He’s my absent minded professor. No wonder I’ve been struggling – he’s almost exactly opposite from me! This episode has really helped me think of some practical ways I can help him and be a support in his life and I feel a sense of relief.

    Thank you!!

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