SS #15: Thankfully Classical

Today’s show is all about thankfulness and Brandy is extremely thankful for Mystie. You see, we had recorded a different episode, but the recording had technical difficulties, and we weren’t able to use it. Mystie was willing to do a special recording, and we are all THANKFUL for her and that she was willing to do this so last minute!

In this episode, Mystie and Brandy first discuss the philosophy of thankfulness and the connections between gratitude and scholé. After that, they talk about all the long list of people and curricula and organizations that make us happily and gratefully classical.

We're forever thankful for the adventure of classical education. Come on over and tell us what you're thankful for using our thankfulness prompts!


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  • Nitty Gritty Homeschool Question
    • How do you foster gratitude in your children or in your homeschool?


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