Scholé Sisters Live: Summer Learning

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We need to keep up with our kids’ learning and growing by learning and growing ourselves! Our kids need conversation and an engaged mom with an active brain – that means we need to be feeding our own minds and also our creativity.

Watch this video to learn more about how to make that happen.

Mentioned in this chat


  • Give your learning a designated time and space and material.
  • Create shortcuts: a bag with all your supplies, a bookmark on your desktop, etc.
  • You have to actually sit down with your stuff – create a cue.
  • Choose a variety of options so you have something depending on your mood or energy.
  • Remove logistical barriers – either real or imagined.

Summer Reading Ideas

Questions answered during this chat

  • I had initially planned to continue our schooling into the summer but I found myself needing a break to regroup my home, choose and organize new curriculum and finish trying to move in to or new house. Now I’m concerned about getting us back on track, and I’m not just talking about the children. My inner two year old wants to complain right along side them 😉
  • So far I got a summer basket with a few readings that’s working. But I’m packing my home to move out in a couple of weeks (we’ll be renting temporarily while house hunting) and I have no clue how to keep a somewhat steady routine in the middle of the chaos that’s coming our way!! Any tips on what to focus and what not to focus? Thanks!
  • We have had a tough year with health issues and house issues. I too planned to carry on through the summer hopping to complete the years work by the end of July and then take a month off and start fresh. However. I’m wondering if it would be wise to take a break and then restart finishing last year first and then moving on. Wisdom please! We are in Canada so only get a certain amount of nice weather, plus we ranch and garden, so we have been doing very scaled back (math, Latin, reading)
  • I am getting back into Schole’ reading and I have been enjoying the summer reading list Brandy Vencel posted. I admire G.K. Chesterton and his quotes are always my favorite but I am really struggling reading his books. My busy momma brain likes to wander… Any helpful hints or suggestions? 🙂 Thanks!

In the comments share your tips and what you’re using to feed your mind this summer!

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