1. Interesting topic. I’m so behind in reading – what I should’ve read my whole life and didn’t, plus keeping up with our school reading – that I grab whatever is thrown at me. And it’s such a race through that I’m missing out on a lot of the formative effect ????.
    One thing I found particularly exciting, I couldn’t help but make a music theory connection with the accidental reading. “Accidentals” in music are specially identified notes that are played in a piece of music that don’t belong to the written key signature. For example, in the key of D, there are two sharps – C# and F#. So C natural and F natural are never played….unless the composer decides that they need one or the other or both to arrive at a certain sound. So, in similar thought, accidental reading will be bringing in a book outside of your normal pool of books – authors, genres, etc. For example: I’m non-denominational, but I have plenty of friends/acquaintances who are reformed. Because I want to better understand what they believe, I pick up a book on reformed theology, a theology book I wouldn’t normally pick up. Anyway, just my thoughts. Thanks for your podcast – I love it!

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