Renee Shepard

Renee Shepard is a homeschooling mom of 6 kids in central California.

Renee is responsible for episode 69, “A Socratic Trialogue,” because after listening to episode 48, “Somebody Stole my Socrates,” she reached out and asked Brandy if she’d ever read one of Plato’s dialogues in full. None of the sisters had, so we asked Renee where we should start. Renee suggested Plato’s Gorgias, which we agreed to read if she’d come on the podcast to talk about it with us. So using Gorgias as our springboard, we examined the nature of Socratic dialogue rather than the content of the argument itself.

Renee then made us aware of another valuable essay by Dorothy Sayers that sheds light on her educational philosophy and recommendations. So we had her on again to discuss “Ignorance and Dissatisfaction” for episode 89, “Dorothy Sayers’ Latin Lament.

Renee Shepard

Renee Shepard lives on a farm in central CA with her husband and their six delightfully wild homeschooled children, ages 2-11.

For most of the sixteen years she has been married, either she or her husband have been in school completing degrees of various kinds.

Most recently, Renee graduated from New Saint Andrews College with a M.St Degree in Classical Christian Studies —the first graduation for either herself or her husband where they haven’t had an infant in-tow.

She plans to go on to a PhD program as soon as she catches her breath and finds the right one.

Renee convinced Mystie to take the History of Classical Christian Education grad class at New St. Andrews, so they were classmates for a year, reading and discussing important treatises on education.

Without education we are in a horrible and deadly danger of taking educated people seriously.

G.K. Chesterton

Renee’s Scholé Everyday picks:

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