SS #65: Falling in Love with Shakespeare (with Kelly Cumbee!)

Kelly Cumbee

Our guest on the show today is Kelly Cumbee. Brandy and Mystie have known Kelly for over a decade because she was a participant in the old online book clubs led by Cindy Rollins. Brandy is very excited to introduce you to her.

For over twenty-five years Kelly Cumbee has been educating her seven children at home, where she mostly sits in her rocking chair and reads aloud to them what she herself wants to learn. She has always loved music, nature, and stories, and passionately believes that they are all connected. She is prone to info-dumping and telling everyone to read The Faerie Queene.

We love today’s episode because it’s one-part interview, one-part hearing about Kelly’s plans for our upcoming Shakespeare mentorship, and one-part interesting background information on not just Shakespeare, but also Jane Austen! Altogether, it’s a recipe for a fabulous episode you won’t want to miss.

Have you joined Sistership Premier yet?

Kelly will be leading the Shakespeare mentorship in Sistership Premier that starts NEXT WEEK — if you’re listening to this a little later, it’s starts the week of February 10th 2020. The more she tells me about her plans for this, the more enthusiastic I become! The Shakespeare mentorship is only for Sistership Premier members, so click here to join.

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