Mr. Standfast

Mr. Standfast

The second sequel to The 39 Steps!

Mr Standfast is the third of five novels by John Buchan featuring the character of Richard Hannay.

Recalled from duty on the Western Front by renowned spymaster Sir Walter Bullivant, British secret agent Richard Hannay goes undercover as a pacifist, working to outwit a dangerous German spy and his agents. Guided by his contact—and love interest—Mary Lamington, Hannay tracks his enemy from London to Glasgow to the Scottish Highlands, eventually confronting him in a dramatic climax above the battlefields of Europe.

The title refers to a character in John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, to which there are many other references in the novel; Hannay uses a copy of Pilgrim's Progress to decipher coded messages from his contacts, and letters from his friend Peter Pienaar.

"A writer touched by genius." - The New Criterion.

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