Prerequisites to Real Conversation

Great conversations about the Great Conversation: How to develop an understanding of a Socratic Seminar as it ought to be.

“Bury me on my head, for very soon this world will be turned upside down.” -Diogenes the Cynic

Since the Garden, there has been a tension between those who love wisdom and those who think they are wise. It is a perennial confusion. However, we are in a unique time when the upside down is overwhelmingly considered to be right side up. Recognizing the vertigo of this age would be like a fish discovering water.

We might be inclined to believe that we be trained to develop Socratic Seminars in the home and then all in attendance can begin the practice. This would be a great mistake.

Our goal will be to develop an understanding of three vital categories:

  1. Science
  2. Art
  3. Nature

It is only with a recovery of the true sense of all three that we can have an authentic experience of great conversations in the home.

Learning the art of conversation is not picking up a few tips and tricks. It is reigniting the love and pursuit of reality, truth, and wisdom. Without the fundamentals in place, the hacks get us nowhere.

By clarifying the distinctions between what we know (science), what we are to do (art), and what inevitably follows (nature), we will be in a position to properly prepare our homes for edifying and fruitful discussions.

Science, Souls, & Synthesis: Recovering Reality

Without a grasp of what is real, conversation is doomed.

[3:20] Introduction & Summary
[9:12] The Principle of Non-Contradiction
[20:40] A Supernatural Worldview (City of God)
[33:30] The Four Causes
[43:35] The Art of Proper Definitions
[50:20] The Hierarchy of Being
[53:30] The Proper Order of Sciences
[58:00] Q&A

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Art, Arete, & Action: Loving Language

Literacy is an art, essential to fruitful conversations concerning the classics.

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Nature, Knowledge, & Nothings: Prioritizing Principles

When utility and practicality displace truth and virtue, we get none of them.

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Contemplation Session with Abby Wahl

Think deeply and apply faithfully.

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