The Principle in Action Challenge

Exposure Breeds Taste - Principles in Action Challenge

“Exposure Breeds Taste”

November 2019

We need more than know-how.

We need practice. Principles take practice and are supposed to be put into action.

Every school day in November, let’s take one small step to implement one basic education principle. This year’s challenge is to put “exposure breeds taste” into practice in your home and note the results.

Here’s how to participate:

Exposure Breeds Taste: “It bears repeating what I learned from a lecture by John Hodges {conductor, musician, and composer, as well as director of The Center for Western Studies}, which is that exposure breeds taste. I remember reading once in regard to food that some children require ten separate tastes of a food in order to acquire even a tolerance for that food. This is why we always made our children take one. single. bite. of whatever it was they thought they didn’t like. Just one. We knew it would pay dividends later when they had learned to tolerate–or even like–those foods. The same goes with music. If you ever hear someone say they “hate” classical music, chances are they were never really exposed to it.”

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Exposure Breeds Taste - Principles in Action Challenge