Amber Johnston of Heritage Mom

Amber Johnston is a homeschool mom of 4 kids as well as a writer and bibliophile.

Amber was our special guest for episode #84, Passport to Foreign Language, where she explained why we and our children are morally obligated to learn foreign languages. It was a convicting and inspiring episode full of practical helps, as well.

Amber Johnston
Amber Johnston of Heritage Mom

Amber Johnston lives in Georgia nestled among pine trees, hammocks, and ziplines with her husband and their four children. Her happy place is the back porch on a rainy day, preferably with a giant mug of hot tea and a good book.

When they have the chance, her family enjoys extended worldschooling trips to immerse themselves in other cultures. Amber blogs about adding mirrors and windows to a traditional Charlotte Mason education at and on Instagram as @heritagemomblog.

Amber has appeared on many other podcasts, which you can find here.

In her shop, you’ll find artistic Charlotte Mason bookmarks, multicultural booklists, and her helpful Heritage Packs. As time allows, on a limited basis, she also offers one-on-one homeschool consulting.

On her blog you’ll find her discussing how to add mirrors and windows to a Charlotte Mason education.

It’s not just about the way our children will walk through the world or what they will be able to do, but it also has to do with the recipient with whom they are able to converse.

Amber Johnston, #84: Passport to Foreign Language

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