Take the 5×5 reading challenge!

Don’t get stuck in a reading rut.

To keep our reading broad yet deep, expansive yet selective, we’re issuing this 5×5 challenge to ourselves and to you, too.

Multa non Multum is a classical educational principle that reminds us to be choosy about our books, to read the best in a field, and to use our reading to broaden our understanding – which doesn’t happen when we get stuck reading all the things in one narrow area of focus.

Let’s not pigeonhole our interests into educational philosophy or other pet topics only. Let’s keep our minds and interests alive with broad, deep, choosy reading.

That doesn’t mean every book has to be hard or philosophically deep. It does mean every book should be worthwhile and worthy. Each one should be the sort of book that would bear up to rereading.

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January 7, 2023

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Happy Reading!