Back Issue: March 2015 – Studies

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“Education is not merely an intellectual affair, no matter how intellect-centered it must be, because human beings are not merely minds.” The Liberal Arts Tradition

Brandy writes, “It is so easy to read history as a child and never grasp the significance of geography — all these faceless people and characterless settings we read about. And I tend to be drawn to the ideas of history, it’s true. But at the end of the day, one of the primary ways God has directed history is through creation’s topography.”

Pam encourages us as we do our best to pursue Latin in our homeschools, though we don’t know it ourselves.

New from Classical Academic Press:

Learn how to put principles into practice in order to implement scholé in your homeschool with Dr. Perrin. This summer class will first discuss the concept and meaning of scholé, then the essential principles of classical pedagogy, then the ways those principles are implemented as vibrant practices. Course participants will be asked to read, reflect, write and then discuss their thinking and learning with Dr. Perrin and the rest of the class. Learning will be highly collaborative, with ample time to engage Dr. Perrin.
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Sarah shares pictures of her commonplace book in this fun post that has a great conversation going in the comments, too!

The latest episode of Pam’s fabulous podcast is with Dianna Kennedy, who works part-time outside the home as a nurse while also homeschooling her six kids.

If you have any questions about switching to AmblesideOnline, Brandy is your go-to source.

Mystie has been sharing about how she uses Evernote in her homeschool planning and teaching, and also has a free guide for setting up Evernote from scratch!
“There is a common notion that it is our inalienable right not only to say what we please but to think as we please, that is, we believe that while body is subject to physical laws, while the affections, love and justice, are subject to moral laws, the mind is a chartered libertine. Probably this notion has much to do with our neglect of intellect. We do not perceive that the mind, too, has its tendencies both good and evil and that every inclination towards good is hindered and may be thwarted by a corresponding inclination towards evil; I am not speaking of moral evil but of those intellectual evils which we are slow to define and are careless in dealing with.” – Charlotte Mason

Celeste at Joyous Lessons has begun a great monthly link-up about commonplacing, too! If keeping a commonplace notebook is something you want to learn more about, you can find a conversation with like-minded women here.

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