Find your sisters – online & locally

The Scholé Sistership is a place to gather and find your sisters – either to start a local group or to have likeminded women to brainstorm and spitball with right here online. Find ladies who want to start a virtual Scholé Sisters group, start a private group for your local book club, or get ideas for how to incorporate more scholé into your own life and teach from rest.

Sistership subscriptions support the production and maintenance of the website and podcast, plus pays for the talent and support we bring in to help us make it an awesome place to be.

Better than Facebook or Patreon, the Sistership is an online community (with an app!) that lets you chat, connect, listen to exclusive extra audio, find replays of past events, and even schedule local events of your own. Book clubs, both online and in person, are supported within the community and we can easily share not only our own #scholeeveryday but also have meaningful conversations about the latest episode or our current book selection.

Which sistership level is right for you?


  • private community chat
  • cutting room floor bonus audio
  • Paideia book club & other bonus audio recordings
  • Commonplacing Workshop
  • online community-led book clubs


  • everything in the leadership level
  • access to the 2017 Leading Well retreat
  • access to 2 mentor-led book clubs a year
  • access to the Spring education seminars
  • one exclusive t-shirt per year (ordered in June and delivered in August)

Sistership – Free

Take our community on a test-drive by joining with a free account. Free accounts are available to all local group members a leadership host invites to her private group, as well.

You’ll love this new and innovative community platform built for connection, conversation, and easy navigation.

It’s like Facebook, but with no ads, no targeting, no trolls, good grammar – and pretty.