Homeschool Essentials: Memory | 2021 Scholé Sisters Retreat


LIVE October 9, 2021. Replays included.

Ideal for new and experienced homeschooling moms from all backgrounds, the Homeschool Essentials: Memory 2021 Retreat will help you:

  • Value memory work as essential to education.
  • Approach memory with understanding, not stress.
  • See how learning and memory and love are all connected.
  • Practice memory techniques you can use in your homeschool.
  • Add intentional, meaningful memory methods at home.

This is the teacher’s development day you need.

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A young child who can nimbly articulate all manner of facts is indeed delightful, but is such a one a paragon of classical education?

It is true that classical education – from Cicero and Quintilian in the classical era itself to the revival of the tradition today – has prioritized memory development, especially for young students.

Sayers recommends that memory work be tied to visual and imaginative content, not merely sounds of syllables. In this she concurs with Comenius, who laid down the principle: “as far as possible, instruction should be given through the senses, that it may be retained in the memory with less effort.”

But do we do this?

What does it mean and how?

We’re going to lay it out and make it homeschool-doable at the Homeschool Essentials Retreat on Saturday!

Whether you’re in Classical Conversations working on your memory master achievement –

Whether you’re CM and abhor the thought of “rote memory” –

Whether you’re lost at sea in the arguments and hope the bit of Scripture memory you do is “good enough” –

You’ll walk away from this retreat relieved –

  • more than the rote repetition counts as memory
  • knowledge stores in our minds visually, and we can tap that like the medievals did
  • cultivation of the memory is education
  • what you are doing is probably more historically grounded than you realize.


We reinvented the format of our online retreat to take advantage of the fact that we are all together in one place. Why have one person on screen at a time? We can do that on Zoom anytime. Our new format utilizes the energy and connection that comes from conversation. It is a day with a faculty of friends.

First, all four of the sisters will give a working definition of memory. Then Mystie and Brandy will discuss how visual memory truly is and how to combine facts with imagination effectively. After that, Pam and Abby will discuss the physical elements to memory. We all know muscle memory is a thing, so how does that affect how to approach memorization of words as well? Then Pam & Brandy will talk about what DOESN’T count as memory.

All that will happen in the first 45 minutes, then Abby will conclude the first session with five minutes of guided application. During the 40 minute break, live attendees have the option of joining Zoom breakout rooms to discuss the ideas and how they can apply them in their homeschools. We’ll all hop on Zoom then break into groups of 5 for meaty conversation.

The second session will talk about the why of memory. First Brandy and Pam will discuss why memory matters, then Abby and Mystie will walk you through a practical exercise to make your own why accessible and effective. For the second half of the talk, all four Scholé Sisters will share personal stories and testimonies to times memory has been a blessing.

Again, after 45 minutes of conversation, Abby will wrap it up with guided application and we’ll all head to our Zoom breakout rooms for the next 40 minute break.

Third, we’ll develop how to teach memory, how to cultivate memory in ourselves and our students. Mystie and Pam will set the stage by discussing various metaphors authors have used for memory in the past and what light that sheds on our practices. Then Pam will actually teach us how to memorize a poem with a memory palace – by having us do it! Then Abby and Brandy will get nitty gritty practical about tactics for memory we can do daily in our homeschools.

Of course, after that Abby will again lead us through a guided application to prepare us for our Zoom breakout room discussions.

Finally, we’ll dig into WHAT to memorize. Brandy and Mystie will kick off the practical session with actual memory work they have used from early years through graduation. Pam will then review our top curriculum pick for memory work. After that, Pam and Abby will chime in with their additions to the memory work possibilities – and it might include some surprises!

Abby will conclude with a guided application and we’ll meet up one last time for breakout room conversation.

After the last breakout session on Zoom, we’ll gather for a brief “closing ceremony,” including the singing of the Doxology – from memory.

Our retreat will be broadcast with Crowdcast, a fun and simple online platform that includes the ability to answer questions and chat with other participants live. Dawn Garrett will be managing the chat and collecting questions for us to discuss inside Sistership after the retreat, too.

So if you show up live, you can have a real retreat day with likeminded women and new friends, right in your own home.


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